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Amputee Soccer

First Kick is an adaptive recreation clinic introduction to amputee soccer. Specific to lower limb amputees as field players and upper limb amputees as goalkeepers, First Kick introduces the amputee to the world of competitive soccer. Field players are required to remove their prosthesis and play using lofstrand forearm crutches, to ‘level the playing field’. Upper extremity amputees will serve as goalkeepers and must tuck their residual arm into their shirt or jersey. Participants are given the chance to try amputee soccer, skills, drills and meet members of the team, along with others, like themselves, who are facing challenges. Players go through a series of ball drills as well as mobility challenges and crutching skills. First Kick helps to develop balance, core, foot skills and self esteem. When possible, a live ball challenge will be put into match play.

OPAF offers First Kick to attendees at NO CHARGE!!!

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What People Are Saying

May 31, 2014 - New York, New York
"This was a great event, very motivating for amputees and for myself as a certified prosthetist."
- Attendee and participant, Brian Kaluf, CPO with Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics in Greenville, SC.
"First Kick was a great success and I'm honored to be a part of another great OPAF 'First' program. In just a few hours there were huge life changes, participants said 'I CAN!', relationships were formed and it became a catalyst for those attending to continue to work hard and get themselves off the bench and back into life. That's what it's all about!"
- Eric Westover, USA Amputee Soccer Goalkeeper
"Fantastic Event"
- Rakesh Samani
"Earth Shattering to watch as a cheerleader. The power of the spirit outweighs the limits of life. Eye Opening! Thank you for including me."
- Nancy Sotomayor
"We Need Turf!"
- Anonymous
"I learned how hard it is not to have my right leg and I love it!"
- Travis White
"So fun!"
- Monica Tung
"Eric and Robin ROCK!"
- Jon Sedor
"This was an excellent demo and exercise. Nice Job!"
- Anonymous
"I loved it. A different perspective on playing a sport."
- Stephanie Jackson
"OPAF for Life!"
- Michael Lichter
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