First Clinics by OPAF

  1. First Volley

  2. First Swim

  3. First Dive

  4. McKeever's First Ride

  5. First Paddle

  6. First Dance

  7. First Swing

  8. First Climb

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Help us fund OPAF First Clinics!

Help us fund OPAF First Clinics for the rest of the year!

Help us fund OPAF First Clinics for the rest of the year! All donations between now and October 9 will be recognized with a "Legends" badge on the OPAF booth at the AOPA National Assembly.

  • Cowboy: $5
  • Rancher: $10
  • Sheriff: $20
  • Marshal: $50
  • OPAF Legend: $500

To be recognized at AOPA, please indicate “Legends of OPAF” in the designation field. To donate, visit

Legends - Bob and Ryan Arbogast, Stella Sieber
Sherriffs - Claudia Zacharias
Ranchers - Brian Kaluf, CPO and Ellen Del Colle

OPAF First Bid Auction List
Donor Description Value

Check back often as items are added

Jim Young, CP Autographed Travis Tritt poster
with H & M t-shirts
Coyote Design Coyote Design
Composite 20' Roll
College Park A Pair of SideKicks
Stubbie Feet
Allard US Blue Lily Glass Paperweight
by artist Mats Jonasson
Anonymous NASCAR 1/24th scale car Miller Lite signed by Brad Kesolowski $50.00
Anonymous Estate Jewelry Broach
Silver with diamonds and blue lapis
Larry McReynolds 8 x 10 glossy autographed by NASCAR's Larry McReynolds $25.00
Kim Boykin "Palmetto Moon"
autographed by the author
Bruce Jaster Turtle Creek Chorus
CD Package
The Burtons Handcarved Borucan
Indian Mask
Open Poster
Marty McNab Two tickets to a mutually agreed upon Chicago Bulls game $300.00
Karen Henry 3 bottles of
fine Colorado Whiskey
Knit Rite Bose Soundlink
BlueTooth Speaker
Knit Rite Bose SoundTrue
Headphones-around the ear
Turtle Creek Chorus Two Best Available Tickets to
Turtle Creek Chorus Holiday Concert "Home"
OPAF & The First Clinics A First Clinic, mutually agreed upon for your practice, your patients, your community $3,000.00
Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets Cody Zeller
autographed basketball
Grace Prosthetic Fabrication 30 oz. Yeti Cup, dipped
in the American flag
Alan & Anita
2012 Brys Estate Merlot and
2012 Chateau Chantel Late Harvest Riesling
OPIE Software A complimentary registration for
a 2016 OPIE Con Conference
AAOP A complimentary registration for the 2016 Academy Annual Meeting in Orlando $990.00
Cascade Orthopedic Supply Northern California Treats Basket - olive oil, sauces, honey, nuts, and more! $160.00
Dorothea Benton Frank Autographed books by Dorothea Benton Frank $100.00
O & P News Full Page, four color ad in O & P News for 2016 - New Advertisers $2,165.00
First Cycle Clinic in Greenville, SC

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McKeever's First Ride

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First Row Clinic in Washington, DC

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First Swim, First Dive, First Paddle at Eastern Michigan University

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OPAF First Clinics Promotion and Partnership